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932 Front
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Right
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Back
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Left
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Top
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Bottom
Ozone Monitor BMT 932, 19” Rack Mount
932 Front
932 Front
932 Right
932 Right
932 Back
932 Back
932 Left
932 Left
932 Top
932 Top
932 Bottom
932 Bottom
The OZONE MONITOR BMT 932 is a state-of-the-art UV photometer for measuring and monitoring ozone content of the ambient air. The instrument may be ordered with 1, 3, or 6 sample channels. Switching from channel to channel is automatic, or manual via push button.

The scrubber is the most important element of any photometric ozone monitor. The OZONE MONITOR BMT 932 has two precisely ozone selective scrubbers: one Utility Scrubber, and one Reserve Scrubber. Additionally it has a built-in Ozone Generator which periodically tests the ability of the Utility Scrubber to remove all of the ozone from the sample. When the Utility Scrubber fails this test the Reserve Scrubber takes over. Now the Scrubber Warning is activated and the Scrubber Test is verifying the Reserve Scrubber.

The sample gas flow rate is maintained constant by a pump which is automatically controlled by a built-in electronic flowmeter.

The BMT 932 can be configured via the front panel alphanumeric display or on a Windows PC using the provided software.

A complete error and event log, with timestamps from the internal clock, can be printed out for trouble shooting.

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The OZONE MONITOR BMT 932 comes in a 19'' rack mount enclosure 132 x 300 mm (H x D), or in a wall mount aluminum cabinet 357 x 440 x 133 (W x H x D). This cabinet is named BMT 932 . The cabinet can be wall mounted using the four brackets provided at the rear (four mounting holes 6 mm ID, spaced 307 x 397 mm, W x H).

Dirt, organic compounds, and other contaminants in the ambient air can react with the ozone in the sample gas tubes. It is important that the sample gas tubes and the ozone monitor are kept clean inside. Therefore filters have to be provided at the inlet ports of the sample tubes. Filter holders and filter inserts are shipped with the instrument.

The filter inserts are of fine pure glass fibre felt to remove aerosol particles without affecting the ozone. This latter property may decrease with increasing dirt being retained by the filter. Therefore the filters should be replaced on a regular basis. Each user must determine the replacement interval optimum for the specific situation.

  • Monitoring of ozone in ambient air
  • TLV monitoring (Threshold Limit Value)
  • Ambient monitoring in ozone plants
  • Vent-Gas monitoring
  • Dual beam UV photometer Warranty 3 years
  • Long-life mercury lamp (5 years warranty)
  • High accuracy, error less than 1% Resolution 0.001 ppmv 
  • Pressure and temperature compensated
  • Ranges from 1 to 250 ppmv
  • 19'' rack mount, or cabinet versions
  • Traceable to international standard (NIST)
  • 1, 3, 6 channel versions
  • Two individual threshold alarm levels for each channel, three configurable EMO outputs 
  • Cycle time 20 s per channel
  • Two scrubbers (utility + reserve)
  • Ozone generator for automatically testing the utility scrubber every 24 hours
  • Reserve scrubber automatically replaces the utility scrubber when it is faulty
  • Sample gas flow 1 l/min, auto controlled via an electronic flow meter

measurement principle  Dual-beam UV photometer (254 nm)

UV lamp  Low pressure mercury lamp, long life design,burnt-in for 300 h

display  Alphanumeric LCD 2x20 char.

concentration ranges  1 ppmv (1.000 ppmv), 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.00, 100.0 and 250.0 ppmv

Noise  ±0.001 ppmv

Min. detectable Conc. 0.002 ppmv

Accuracy max. error, traceable to NIST, is the sum: 0.8% of measurement + 0.2% of scale

response time 20 s (0 - 95 %

Temperature and pressure Compensation  Standard

Flow rate  1 l/min, automatically controlled by an electronic flow meter

Sample ports  1, 3 or 6 (please specify), automatic and manual selection of sample port

Scrubber life  > 8 years (safety monitor operation)

Threshold alarms  Two individual alarm thresholds for each channel, 3 EMO outputs controlled by any combination of alarms

Error relay  Indicating any instrument failure, including Lamp low (easy lamp replacement) Low flow Scrubber failure (tested for every 24 h, reserve scrubber takes over automatically) Warmup

Gas ports  Compression type for ¼" PFA/FEP/PTFE tubing (Cabinet: ¼" One-Touch Fitting) Safety catalyst for off gas included

Signal outputs  Concentration 4-20 mA (isolated, active) Concentration 0-1 V, 0-10 V (isolated) Sample port identification by binary output Option: 932-RELAY with contacts identifying each port plus its low/high alarm, access by 50-pole D-Sub connector

Control output  Lamp low (relay contact, 30 V, 1 A)

Digital interface  RS-232, isolated, showing concentration and error messages. Link Mode commands allow full control from Windows PC or PLC.

Accessories kit  One filter holder & one mounting fitting for

(included)  filter holder per sample port, 200 filter inserts

Warmup time  7 min. max., 4 min. typical

Power  Universal line voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 35 VA, 50/60 Hz optional: 18-36 VDC, 25W (19” rack mount)

Ambient temperature  0 - 45°C (non-condensing)

early warnings  Lamp Low Warning, Cuvette Dirty Warning

Cabinet version  IP65, NEMA 4X

Dimensions (HxD)  132x300 mm (19 rack mount)

(WxHxD)  357x440x133 mm (wall mount BMT 932 C)

weight  9 kg (19" rack mount) 7 kg (wall mount BMT 932 C)

compliance  CE-marked (EMC & safety), cTUVus NRTL-listed, RoHS

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