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Manufacturer Notices and Product Listings

   TUV Rheinland NRTL Listing  
cTUVus Equivalency, Canada & USA TUV Rheinland NRTL Equivalency for NRTL in Canada & United States 
cTUVus Listing, BMT 932 Series TUV Rheinland (NRTL) Listing for BMT 932 Ambient Ozone Montiors  
cTUVus Listing, BMT 964 Cabinet TUV Rheinland (NRTL) Listing for BMT 964C Ozone Gas Analyzer  
cTUVus Listing, BMT 964 Off-Gas TUV Rheinland (NRTL) Listing for BMT 964OG Ozone Off-Gas Analyzer  
cTUVus Update, 932 & 964 Series, 2013 TUV approval for BMT product changes, 2013
cTUVus Listing, 965C (Cabinet) 965OG (Off Gas) TUV Rheinland (NRTL) Listing for BMT 965C & 965OG Ozone Gas Analyzers 
    Manufacturer Declarations
Declaration of Conformity - Analyzers, CE, RoHS, EMC Declaration of Conformity to EMC, RoHS, & Safety Directives: 932, 964, & 965 series Analzyers   
Declaration of Conformity - Generators, CE, RoHS, EMC Declaration of Conformity to EMC, RoHS, & Safety Directives: 802N, 803N, & 803BT series ozone Generators 
Declaration of Conformity - Dehumidifier, CE, RoHS, EMC Declaration of Conformity to EMC, RoHS, & Safety Directives: DH6 series Dehumidifier
Manufacturer's Declaration of Origin Manufacturing Declaration: German Origin
Calibration Declaration, 930 & 932 Series Recalibration Not Required: 930 & 932 Series
Calibration Declaration, 964 Series Recalibration Not Required: 964 Series 
Calibration Declaration, 965 Series Recalibration Not Required: 965 Series
    US Coast Guard Listing
USCG Approval 118-366888-A1, BMT 965 C US Coast Guard Approval Notice: BMT 965C (Cabinet)
    Product Warranty
OSTI Warranty Policy, BMT Products Sales and Service Warranty Policy, OSTI Inc. 2022
    End Of Life Announcements  
964 Series EOL, December 2020 964 Series End of Life Annoucement, Published July 2020
DH3b & DH5 EOL, March 2018  DH3b and DH5 Series Dehumidifiers End of Life Announcement, Published March 2018 




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