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OSTI’s Service Department is staffed with factory-authorized and trained in the repair and calibration of the BMT 964 & 965 series high-concentration gas analyzers, and verification of calibration on the BMT 932 Rack Mount and Cabinet gas monitors.

Our Service Department is equipped with a BMT Ozone Calibration Reference machine (BMT 964 TRANS) which is factory re-certified at scheduled intervals. When service and full calibrations are required on ozone-in-water analyzers, or ambient monitors is required, OSTI facilitates factory service at BMT with our RMA process, handling all export/import shipping, status updates, and invoicing functions.

OSTI maintains on-hand inventory of genuine factory parts & supplies to enable efficient service times on in-house repairs. We also regularly offer technical feedback, factory documentation and troubleshooting guidance to support field technicians as needed to meet our goal of providing responsive and professional service to our customers.


Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

OSTI's Service Center is Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado

To Initiate Service:

  1. Contact OSTI by website, email, or phone.
  2. Request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).  Use Form Below.
  3. When RMA is received, Ship Instrument to OSTI's Service Center in Colorado Springs.

Service Times:

  • Instruments will be inspected within two weeks of receipt.  Repair times are dependent on actual condition.  Customers will be contacted for approval of an needed repairs and costs not covered by Standard Service.

Terms and Warranty: 

  • Terms: 
    • Customer responsible for shipping charges both directions.
    • FOB Colorado Springs, CO
    • Net 30 days with approved account, or CC payment accepted.
  • Warranty:
    • All repairs have One (1) Year Warranty on all parts serviced.
  • All sales & service subject to OSTI's General Terms & Conditions

RMA Request Form

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OSTI's Standard Service

For All Ranges up to 600 g/Nm3

  • Inspection, Leak Testing, Damage Assessment
  • Analysis of Disgnostic Report & Error/Event Logs
  • Inspection/Cleaning of Sample Gas Tubing, Flow Meter, Sample Gas Filter Housing
  • Replacement of Sample Gas Filter, Cuvette Windows & O-Rings 
  • Replacement of Catalyst Materail (where applicable)
  • Pressure Sensor Testing and Calibration
  • Analog Outputs Testing and Calibration O3 Concentration Calibration and Issuing New Calibration Certificate
For All Ranges up to 250 ppm
  • Inspection, Leak Testing, Damage Assessment
  • Analysis of Disgnostic Report & Error/Event Logs (932)
  • Inspection/Cleaning of Sample Gas Tubing
  • Cleaning of Cuvette Chamber and Windows
  • Testing of Utility and Reserve Scrubbers
  • Analog Outputs, Signal and EMO Testing
  • Endurance Testing (as needed) O3 Concentration Calibration and Issuing New Calibration Certificate

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My BMT 964C shows: Cuvette Dirty: 28% - Do I have to send it in for service?

  A: No. The instrument compensates for accumulated fouling during the zeroing function and will continue to operate accurately.  When the cuvette reaches 50% Dirty, a Cuvette Dirty WARNING will be displayed to alert the operator to schedule service soon. When the Dirty% reaches 60%, the instrument can no longer provide accurate readings and displays a Cuvette Dirty ERROR which notifies the operator that service is required.

Q: How often does the BMT 964 need to be calibrated?

  A: If the instrument is operating normally without any warnings, errors or malfunctions, the instrument can continue to perform within specifications for years with no service required.

Q: Does OSTI do on-site service and repair?

  A: OSTI does not offer on-site service at this time. All service is performed at our Service Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Service times normally vary from 1-3 weeks from the time of receipt. Urgent service requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact OSTI for more information.

Q: How long does the UV Lamp last?

  A: The UV Lamps come with a 5-Year Warranty and are of the highest quality and undergo extensive testing. In most cases, the expected life can be 10+ years.

Q: My 964C is not working. Is there a way I can determine the problem?

  A: The BMT LINK software can be used to take diagnostic data from the instrument. This data can be saved as a report to your PC or laptop and emailed to OSTI for analysis and feedback. Contact OSTI for more information.

Q: I have a LAMP Error on my instrurment. Should I replace the UV Lamp?

  A: LAMP Warnings and Errors are related to the performance of the UV Lamp circuit and components. In most cases, the UV Lamp is not failing. These errors can be caused by an ozone leak in the cabinet, damaged photo sensors, or other causes. Contact OSTI for service.

Q: The display shows Err: Overpress. What is the problem?

  A: This Error is displayed when pressure in the cuvette exceeds the maximum pressure rating of the instrument and is caused by excessive flow or pressure in the incoming sample gas line. On instruments equipped with a flow meter and throttle valve, adjusting the flow control knob will normally remove the error.

Q: How often does the catalyst material need to be replaced?

  A: Under light fouling conditions, the catalyst material should be replaced annually, or sooner if heavy fouling has occurred. CAT Cartridge REFILLs can be ordered through OSTI.

Q: How often should I replace the inlet filter?

  A: This depends on the amount of fouling present in the sample gas line. New filters are pure white. When checking the filter, if it is discolored, it should be replaced. Spare filters are inside the door on cabinet models. Spare filter packs can be ordered through OSTI.


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OSTI will be closed on November 23-24 for the Thanksgiving holiday. 



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