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965-RD Front
965-RD Front
965-RD Front
The OZONE-IN-WATER SENSOR BMT 965 AQ, the OZONE-INWATER SENSOR BMT 965 AQ/HF and the OZONE-IN-WATER SENSOR BMT 965 AQ-LC (RD-type sensors, to be ordered with the option:

Interface for remote display) are instruments without a display, but with an additional connector for connecting a REMOTE DISPLAY BMT 965 RD. The RD-type ozone sensors and the REMOTE DISPLAY BMT 965 RD, are connected via a special cable. Standard lengths are 2.5, 5 or 10 m. Other cable length on request, max. cable length is 100 m.

The RD-type ozone sensors, connected with the REMOTE DISPLAY BMT 965 RD, functions exactly like the standard BMT 965 ST with its internal display. Connecting the Remote Display during operation is possible.

Front panel dimensions of the display are the same as with the front panel of the standard OZONE ANALYZER  BMT 965 ST (144 x 72 mm, DIN IEC 61554).  Front panel cut-out is 139 x 67 mm. Depth behind the front panel is about 120 mm (including the rear Sub-D connector and cable).

  • Service, and set up during installation, or permanent installation of a sensor type analyser
  • Ozone sensor and its display are separated, and can be mounted at a distance of up to 100 m    
  • Available for RD-type sensors BMT 965 AQ, BMT 965 AQ/HF and BMT 965 AQ-LC, which have to be ordered with the option: interface for Remote Display  
  •  Hot connecting possible    
  • Display is independent of the serial number of the RD-type analyser


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