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965-OG Front
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Right
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Back
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Left
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Left Alt
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Top
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Bottom
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
964-OG Conn Adpt
Ozone Gas Analyzer BMT 965 OG, Off Gas Cabinet (IP65)
965-OG Front
965-OG Front
965-OG Right
965-OG Right
965-OG Back
965-OG Back
965-OG Left
965-OG Left
965-OG Left Alt
965-OG Left Alt
965-OG Top
965-OG Top
965-OG Bottom
965-OG Bottom
964-OG Conn Adpt
964-OG Conn Adpt

The OZONE-IN-OFF-GAS ANALYZER BMT 965OG is part of an ozone analysing system for moist ozone off-gas, typically consisting of the three major components:

• UV-photometric ozone analyser (inside BMT 965 OG)
• Peltier-electric sample gas dryer (DH6)
• ozone resistant sample gas pump (inside BMT 965 OG)

Measuring the ozone content in an ozone process off-gas is not a simple task. Not one process actually equals the other. Usually, the ozone off-gas comes from a reactor vessel at about atmospheric pressure, and has a high dew point temperature equal to, or even exceeding, the ambient temperature. An ozone-resistant sample gas pump is thus needed to bring the sample gas to the ozone analyser and, to prevent condensation in the sample tube, water vapor has to be removed from the sample to reduce dew point temperature below the lowest ambient temperature which could occur.

Using an ozone-resistant sample gas pump has an important advantage: The ozone sample gas can be directed back to the reactor after it has passed the ozone analyser. No ozone destruct is necessary.

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The ozone analyser is the OZONE ANALYZER BMT 965 which has proved its reliability in thousands of installations. The instrument comes with a Sample Gas Filter, flow meter, ozone-resistant Sample Gas Pump SGP-5 and internal Purge Unit (solenoid valve and air pump, for fully automatic zeroing). As an option, the sample gas flow rate is measured by an ozone-resistant thermal mass flow meter. A LOW FLOW warning is given when the flow rate drops below about 0.3 l/min (e.g. if the sample gas pump failed, or the sample line becomes obstructed).

Our ozone-resistant Sample Gas Pump SGP-5 has proved its longevity over many years. The unsurpassed simplicity of our Peltier-electric Sample Gas Dehumidifier DH6 makes it ideal for processing moist ozone off-gas prior to ozone measurement (refer to the appendix, Sample Gas Drying“).
  • Ozone measurement in moist sample gas
  •  Municipal off-gas measurement
  •  Ozone measurement at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric sample pressure
  •  With optional DH6:
  •  Off-gas drying just at the sample point
  •  Prevents condensation in the sample line
  •  Peltier-electric cooling
  •  Condensate is removed automatically
  •  Sample gas pump, ozone resistant
  •  Low Flow warning (optional)
  •  Ozone catalyst can be avoided
  •  Measurement ranges down to 5 g/Nm3
  •  Long-life mercury lamp
  •  Warranty 3 years, 5 years on the UV lamp
  •  High accuracy, error less than 0.5%
  •  Pressure and temperature compensated
  •  Built-in sample gas filter
  •  Built-in purge unit for automatic zeroing
  •  Display in g/Nm3 , %wt/wt, or ppmv
  •  Timing sequence for automatic zeroing
  •  8 GB non-volatile log memory (binary and Excel CSV)
  •  USB On-The-Go, Firmware upgrades in the field
  •  4-20 mA and 0-10 V isolated outputs

Measurement Principle:  dual-beam UV photometer (254 nm),  no moving parts

MTBF:  instrument incl. UV lamp 65,000 h,  excl. UV lamp 120,000 h

UV Lamp:  low pressure mercury lamp, long life design, burnt-in for 300 h

Display:  16 character alphanumeric backlit LCD

Concentration Ranges:  50, 100 g/Nm3,  selectable units g/Nm3, %wt/wt and ppmv

Optional Ranges:  5, 10, 20 g/Nm3, selectable units g/Nm3, %wt/wt and ppmv

Accuracy:  after zeroing the max. error is the sum: 0.4% of measurement + 0.1% of scale

Repeatability Error:  0.2 % of measurement

Zero Drift:  typ. 0.2% of range per day, after warm-up, non-cumulative

Max Inlet Pressure:  1.15 bara (optional 1.5 or 2.0 bara, see text, please specify  range)

Ambient Temperature:  ozone analyser: 0 - 50 °C (non-condensing), dryer DH6: 0 - 40 °C (non-condensing)

Materials In Contact With Ozone:  quartz (cuvette windows), stainless steel (cuvette, fittings), FFPM (window seals), FEP (tubing)

Inlet And Outlet Gas Ports:  for 3x5 mm (1/8“ x 3/16“) tubing, opt. 4x6 mm or 1/8“ or 1/4“ or 6 mm Swagelok.  Built-in sample gas filter is standard

Flow Rate:  0.5 l/min typical

Temperature Compensation:  is standard

Pressure Compensation:  with built-in cuvette pressure transducer, for ozone measurement at an arbitrary systemic pressure, abs. pressure range 1.15 bara (optional 1.5 or 2.0 bara, see text, please specify range) 

minimum pressure 0.4 bar abs

units selectable: bar, psi, Torr, MPa

Signal Outputs:  concentration 4 - 20 mA (isolated, active) concentration 0 - 10 V (isolated)

Concentration Alarms:  High Alarm, Low Alarm, latching, not latching

Control Input:  set to zero (24 V, 8 mA, isolated)

Control Outputs:  relay contacts, 28 V, 0.5 A, isolated:

Lamp Low Warning

Cuvette Dirty Warning

High Alarm

Low Alarm

Error Handling:  Error Relay: 30 V, 0.5 A, 

summarizing instrument failures,

Lamp Low Error, Lamp Off Error, Cuvette Dirty Error, Overrange, Overpressure

Early Warnings:  Lamp Low Warning,

Cuvette Dirty Warning

Memory:  8 GB for error and concentration logs

USB:  On-The-Go, Device/Host mode, Full speed

Serial Interface (Option):  RS-232, bidirectional, isolated, 2400 - 38400 Baud

Automatic Zeroing:  with internal purge pump and solenoid valve

Software:  BMT 965 Link, instrument configuration and readout of Concentration, Event and Error Logs on a Windows PC

Power:  wide range input: 100 - 240 VAC, 200 VA

Dimensions:  400 x 300 x 120 mm

Panel Cut-Out:  139 x 67 mm

Weight:  approx. 6.5 kg

Compliance:  CE-marked (EMC & safety), cTUVus NRTL-listed

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